Coming Soon: Tano's Fate - Jay-Cast's First Video Game.

An unknown arrival. A land disconnected from the world’s society. Four heroes destined to change the past to save the future, and it’s all thanks to the locked mind of one man. Jay-Cast Presents… Tano’s Fate.

Embark on a new journey, surrounded by friendly civilians wanting to get away from it all. When four young adults induced with amnesia get stuck together on a distant island, it’ll take one unexpected group of people to discover the hidden secrets of Key Island. As Jay-Cast Studios’ first game, reveal secrets and battle across multiple kinds of monsters while you level up and acquire new gear that will unlock the past, and save everyone’s future.

Featuring original dialogue and story from the creator of Jay-Cast, and running on the latest and greatest RPG Maker engine (MV), take advantage of a high-resolution HD experience, casting shadows with menu transitions, and large areas to explore with your newly-found friends. Understand the world around you, and realize what has always been your fate. Explore side-quests, go for a few minigames, and dive into the ocean, whether it’s on your PC or on the go.